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Legal House was established in 2012, under the management of Lawyer Kim Thu – a member of Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association, Director of Vietnam Golden Book Law Firm and Ken Duong – Doctor of Law in America.

Founding member of Legal House includes TDL International Law firm – a law firm in the US and OiC Asia Company – a company specializing in studying abroad to bring comprehensive in the legal services that we bring, meet the needs of domestic and international customers.

Currently, Legal House has a team of experienced lawyers, they are experts on Investment Law, immigration strategists. Besides, Legal House also has a team of high-class Law Consultants abroad to create a professional and multi-national network.

With a team of experienced Lawyers and foreign law advisors, Legal House stands out in the areas of International Investment, Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions, immigration and settlement services. foreign. In addition, the services of Labor and Residence, Real Estate, Business and Commercial, Intellectual Property, Marriage and Family are also areas to build the brand of the company.

After nearly 8 years of operation, Legal House has achieved many remarkable successes. We have provided services to more than 500 foreign companies investing in Vietnam, we have brought legal services to receive the trust and satisfaction of multinational corporations as well as corporations. big in Vietnam.

Currently, the head office of Legal House is located at 2nd Floor Master Building, 41-43 Tran Cao Van, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Practice Area

Foreign investment
Legal House has advised and supported many foreign investors in setting up investment projects as well as in the implementation of investment projects in Vietnam.
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Settlement and study abroad
Legal House lawyers are recognized as experienced consultants in dealing with complex situations related to Vietnamese labor laws, State agencies and organizations.
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Practice Area

Commercial businesses
Legal House provides comprehensive legal consultancy services for customers who are businesses operating in many different business areas.
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Dispute resolution
Legal House represents customers in front of courts and arbitration bodies in Vietnam and internationally in disputes on trade, business, construction, intellectual property, insurance and damages / accidents , ...
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Inheritance, marriage & family
Legal House always has the necessary experience and sympathy to professionally handle any family relationship issues.
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Intellectual Property
Legal House provides a variety of services in the field of intellectual property and objects related to intellectual property rights.
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Labor employment
Labor is a vital issue for every business. Employees and employers can only harmonize benefits on the basis of respect and compliance
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Leagal House has a team of experienced lawyers who have been a choice of many customers.
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Real Estate and Construction
Real Estate & Construction of Legal House is always active to support the implementation of real estate transactions, and support procedures related to construction, completion and real estate investment
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