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In 2012, Lawyer Nguyen Thi Kim Thu – a member of Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association established the Golden Book Law Firm (GB Law Firm).

In 2012, Lawyer Nguyen Thi Kim Thu – a member of Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association established the Golden Book Law Firm (GB Law Firm).

The period marked the development milestones of Legal House: is proud to be a professional unit of M&A consultancy, corporate legal for 100 leading companies in Vietnam and implementing investment procedures for 500 start-up companies. into Vietnam.

Legal House expanded the scope of the joint venture, welcoming more partners, OIC Asia, ASC, Sandbank, bringing the development of Legal House services to the field.

Legal House was established in 2012, under the management of Lawyer Kim Thu – a member of Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association, Director of Vietnam Golden Book Law Firm and Ken Duong – Doctor of Law in America.
Founding member of Legal House includes TDL International Law firm – a law firm in the US and OiC Asia Company – a company specializing in studying abroad to bring comprehensive in the legal services that we bring, meet the needs of domestic and international customers.
Currently, Legal House has a team of experienced lawyers, they are experts on Investment Law, immigration strategists. Besides, Legal House also has a team of high-class Law Consultants abroad to create a professional and multi-national network.
With a team of experienced Lawyers and foreign law advisors, Legal House stands out in the areas of International Investment, Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions, immigration and settlement services. foreign. In addition, the services of Labor and Residence, Real Estate, Business and Commercial, Intellectual Property, Marriage and Family are also areas to build the brand of the company.
After nearly 8 years of operation, Legal House has achieved many remarkable successes. We have provided services to more than 500 foreign companies investing in Vietnam, we have brought legal services to receive the trust and satisfaction of multinational corporations as well as corporations. big in Vietnam.
Currently, the head office of Legal House is located at 2nd Floor Master Building, 41-43 Tran Cao Van, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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With strong legal knowledge, we devote all enthusiasm to the business and the business activities of our customers. Our team of lawyers is specialized in each of the different areas, thereby improving the ability to serve the maximum customer benefits. This means that we not only provide legal advice but also support the negotiation and settlement of disputes.


For each specific case, Legal House has market research specialists with a separate team. We will work closely together to provide accurate services in response to your expectations.


The most important goal we want to aim at is to support our customers on the path to their success.

We are committed to the quality of service in our areas of operation and continually improve our expertise and experience to improve the services we provide.


Customers who have a legal requirement or question need the assistance of a lawyer can contact in 3 ways:
Method 1: Send an email to request: consultant@legalhouse.vn
Method 2: Schedule a calendar directly to the office: 2nd floor, 41-43 Tran Cao Van, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
Method 3: Contact hotline: (84 8) 38 238 239
Step 1
Step 1: Customers Prepare relevant information and records, documents (photocopies) at the request of a lawyer.
Step 2: Counsel for preliminary advice and report remuneration for customers to refer.
Step 3: If the customer accepts the remuneration, the two parties will sign a legal service contract.
Step 4: After the customer performs the advance of the lawyer, Legal House assigns the lawyer to take charge of the case.
Step 5: Progress information, report on the situation of handling cases.
Step 6: Finish the work and liquidate the contract.
Step 2