Find out about L1 visa?

What is L1?

  • As a non-Immigrant Visa (Non-Immigrant Visa)
  • This visa holder has the right to reside and work legally in the United States without any further work permit.
  • The maximum duration of L1 Visa is 07 years
  • L1 visa holders are entitled to buy a house, own property, get a social security number, be granted ID types, driver license registration and a number of other personal utilities of the person Visa issuance when living, working, studying or investing in US immigration.
  • After a minimum period of 1 year with satisfying certain conditions, L1 visa holders can apply for permanent residence status for the whole family to follow the green / green card permanently ( 10 years) without having a conditional green card (2 years)


  • Entrepreneurs and managers in Vietnam go to the US to run companies / branches in the US
  • Visa is issued to managers and family members (children under 21 years old)

Conditions for the company:

  • Enterprises in Vietnam operate for at least 1 year
  • Businesses in the US may be new or already active
  • Enterprises in the US can be branches, subsidiaries or shares with other companies
  • Enterprises in Vietnam must account for more than 51% of the shares and control the main businesses in the US
  • Must have an operational headquarters
  • Proved enough ability to transfer employees to the United States
  • The nature of businesses in the US and Vietnam (business functions) need not be the same
  • The company in the US must be:
    + Subsidiary of Vietnamese company (Subsidiary)
    + The company has co-owners with the company in Vietnam (Affiliate)
    + Branch (Branch)

Conditions for managers to be transferred to the US:

  • Has worked for a company in Vietnam for at least 1 year in the last 3 years
  • The person who is transferred to the US is an enterprise manager / operator
  • Salary is paid by a company in Vietnam or a US company

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